How to Create Engaging Content for Content Marketing

How to Create Engaging Content for Content Marketing


Content marketing is about creating engaging, useful and value-adding content to the readers, often forming the foundation for a strong digital marketing project.

Content is increasingly important as Google and other search engines are placing heavy greater emphasis on value-adding their users, as well as on-site user experience. These are easily traceable and measurable from Google's range of software, from Google Analytics to Google webmaster tool.

We have talked about how having a good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can help you in your digital marketing campaign, as well as go through the step-by-step process on how to improve SEO. We have also talked about local SEO, where a new local website can have advantage over matured sites with thousands of ads dollars to rank well on Google.

How does Content Marketing fit in Digital Marketing?

Content marketing is used to sustain the readers' attention through many different ways.

One easy use could be to improve the number of page views per visitor in Google. Another could be to increase the average time your visitors stay on site. Another one could be to decrease the bounce rates.

Content marketing is not only done on your website - it could be used with email marketing, social media marketing, advertising, press releases and many more other channels.

Content marketing Agencies is future foundation of all of your online marketing strategies.

What do you need to create a good content?

Through many projects and experimentations, we found that a good content should aim to achieve the following pointers:

  1. The content needs to be engaging
  2. The article has to be credible
  3. The content should be authoritative
  4. The content should be educationaland teaches something to the readers


First of all a genuine successful content marketing is one that disarms readers of their first encounter and engaged the readers on a one-to-one basis.

Good content should directly be relevant to your targeted consumers.

One way is to write in a conversional form as readers prefer to read an article that address directly to them.


Content must be credible as it directly addresses the company's image.

Effectively using this strategy helps a company become a trusted and reliable source for the readers and potential clients.


Showing more authoritative as compared to other competitors in the same field or specialisation will give your business an edge over them. There will be more trust build between you and your potential consumers naturally.


The main focus of marketing content is to build the company's branding, not to advertise your products.

Ultimately, a good content is to provide values and educational purposes - a new perspective, insightful information.

When we talk about educational content, it should be content that will value-add the readers' lives, be it helping them know more about how your products can ease the problems they face in their lives or just purely information that can benefit them.

Don't forget to make your content share-worthy to their family and friends.

How to create engaging content for my content marketing strategy?

How do we start? Here is an easy template which you can immediately use for your own content marketing strategy:

  1. First we can identify keywords with potential to let us reach out to our potential clients and readers
  2. We can also write content about solving a problem that your potential customers and readers face
  3. Lastly, we can talk about current event and news

What are the various resources we can tap on to create engaging content?

Google Trends

One of the way is Google trends, which we can start as a research tool. You can find out what keywords are in your niche right now and what keywords are on the rise.

(Pictures on usage)

Competitors' Sites

Look at articles and content with the most:

  3. Social shares

Niche Forums

This is about researching on forums in your niche and finding out what are the most popular topics within your niche. Question and answer sites are a good start, but generally you want to target forums where your potential clients are using.

Our Content Marketing Companies can easily explain to create content based on these topics and share them on forums, make them as valuable and informational as possible so it can benefit readers the most.

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