Why SEO Audit and Website Analysis Is Important To Your Site?

Why SEO Audit and Website Analysis Is Important To Your Site?

After the Google Penguin, Panda updates, many site lost their position on first page of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. After these event most webmaster are still struggling to get their site back up to its formal position, and start enjoying the benefits of being on the first page "FREE TRAFFIC."

While most of these website owners are struggling to get back others are enjoying the exposure from these huge engine sites by taking the necessary steps to help boost their site and searchable by targeted visitors.

You too can start enjoying these benefits by giving your site a complete "SEO AUDIT and WEBSITE ANALYSIS".

What are SEO AUDIT and WEBSITE ANALYSIS and why is it important to your site?

This process that is carried out on website to determine the loopholes a have been denying the site to rank high on search engines.

In other words, it helps you to see what your site is lacking and render possible solutions.

Some of these benefits of having a complete SEO audit and website analysis are listed below:

  • It helps boost page ranking of a site
  • It uncovers most of the items you site is lacking and provides solution
  • Makes your site searchable by visitors and search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

There are lots of companies offering this services at a very expensive rate, because of this most website owners finds it difficult to carry out an audit, while some are not aware of such thing exit.

For this process to be complete the company only needs your page URL, place it in the tools that will be used to get all the details of your site. Mind you it does not reveal your website login details neither does the company or individual doing job needs your login details to get the report.

Once the investigation is over a complete report detailing all the area that needed be improved upon will be send to you via email.

This often takes between 24 - 96 hours to be completed and delivered. The price charge for this kind of job varies from persons - persons and company to company. You can get a job like this done for as little as $5 to $200.

There are lots of individual that will do such a huge task for $5 since they don't pay for any overhead cost, staffs or office space.

A lot of these individual posts their job offer online like classified ads sits, micro job sites e.g. Fiverr.com, handbills or flyers.

At fiver.com there are lots of individual that will get this job done for $5 even better than most companies because they are SEO experts that want to help other webmasters that are looking for how to boost their page rank and are willing to do it for them at a cheaper rate.

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