Why you need a Social Media Marketing Consultant for your Business

Why you need a Social Media Marketing Consultant for your Business

Social Media sites have been present since the last decade. After courting users to their networks for years, they has now focussed its attention on aggressive marketing and advertising. Hence, it is now a favourite space for business owners who are looking to reach out to a large number of people at once that are highly targeted.

Although Social Media marketing looks easy to the untrained eye, there is a very complex formula behind every success story in this domain. It is not easy to understand what content would be liked by people, and what would attract users to your business page. That's why many successful companies hire Social Media consultants to manage their marketing. There are many reasons why you should invest in a Social Media consultant instead of doing it yourself. Let's look at a few:

1. The competition on Facebook is extremely high. If you have a look, you'll most likely find all your main competitors on Facebook with their own business pages. In order to stay ahead of the competition, you'll need an expert advice and input! You certainly wouldn't want your page to look amateurish in the midst of your competitor's attractive, graphics-laden business pages.

2. If you would rather outsource your accounting or hire an accountant, think similarly in terms of Social Media marketing. The expertise that Social Media consultants bring on the table cannot be matched with amateur experiments and trial-and-error methods. They are working on variety of companies and brands from different industries, and therefore have a great deal of knowledge on user preferences and sentiments. Remember - you are good at your business, they are good - at theirs.

3. You would need someone to keep interacting with your users on Social Media platforms around the clock. At the start it seems that you have all the time in the world to be messing on Facebook, Twitter and other sites, but a few days go by and the business page remains forgotten. At the end of the day you have to be making sales and taking care of your own business.

4. Even if you would be able to balance your work with a bit of Social Media marketing, in the end, you would not be able to do justice to either of them. That's why it's always better to work with a Social Media marketing company or consultant who would be able to bring their expertise to your business.

5. "My daughter is very good at this stuff" attitude is probably the most harmful. The fact that someone is all day long posting on Facebook or tweeting, does not guarantee, that they know how to run a successful Social Media account. We have seen this happen so many times - a page is setup and professionally designed and then abandoned as someone's "daughter simply wasn't interested or that "good" or just got busy in whatever she was doing with her own life.

6. Save money on your targeted ad campaign. We have seen so many unprofessionally run ads on Facebook, that it is such a pity to realise how much money businesses are throwing out by not doing it right. I checked the links, the copy and designs just for few of those and yes - success is only 1 out of 10. Well done, Facebook, just keep charging them with no benefits to the business.

7. It is also important to track the progress of your efforts on Social Media. Did you know that Facebook now provides very detailed insights into every single post..? Do you know how to read them? And after reading them - how to act upon the results you have seen? Monitoring, twisting, tweaking and improving your posts and ads will bring more success to the Social Media campaigns and eventually - better return on your investment. This way, you would have a clear picture of the improvements you have made with regard to the efforts invested.

Social Media sites are great platforms to exploit for business needs, if you do the marketing right. When it comes to success in marketing, the right thing - is to work with an expert!

Digital & Social Media marketing will definitely help you transform your business, work less hours and make more money. Let me show you how and help you along the way.